Frequently Asked Questions

Am I on other social platforms?

Do you Like what you are reading and want to read more on other social platforms? Sorry, You aren't going to have much luck outside of LinkedIn. I'm not as witty as Wendy's Twitter Handle. Although I do have some other accounts they are used more for testing than anything else.

Did you find your image or words on this site?

It is never my intention to take others' work and claim it as my own. If there is anything used that you wish to be taken down because of ownership, please contact me. There are times were we intend to use quotes, notes, and other shared learnings to benefit everyone. We make the best effort to attribute that media and get permission to do so when it seems right, but mistakes sometimes happen when we are trying to learn. Contact me if you think it is wrong and we will make efforts to change it.

Disagree with something you've have found here?

Send us some feedback. There is a decent probability that I have explained something incorrectly or imprecisely. However, if it is an opinion you disagree with, don't be surprised by a dramatic lack of a response. This site is created to share learnings and help us all grow not to argue.

Do you want to republish a post or image from this site?

Contact me, and we can talk about using my work on your site. However, there will be the expectation of the appropriate backlinks and canonical accreditation. I would also be interested in talking with you about creating original work for your site. Payment will be expected. Send me a message.