Michael Mongon

Michael Mongon

Engineering Leader

Former-Director of Engineering @ Angi

Fishers, Indiana
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I am an engineering leader with 15+ years of development experience. I've had the privilege to work as an individual contributor and as a people manager with some extremely accomplished individuals. As an individual and manager, I've gotten the opportunity to continually learn by developing and cultivating a safe and strong collaborative spirit with those around me. I've been able to create a customer-first mentality through rapid iterations by hiring and promoting the right individuals and fostering the right culture.

I encourage my colleagues to have realistic work-life balance; goals of growth and self-development. Technology is replaceable, but those that build it are not. They need the right understanding of a project, guidance on how they and their projects fit into the company's greater vision, and the autonomy to create something better than a single individual alone.


Angi (formerly Angie's List)

Location (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Director of Engineering

Nov 2021 - Aug 2023

  • Led 4 full-stack teams of 25+ engineers
  • Led, and organized strategies for half and quarterly planning for the 3 domains (Angi.com, Homeadvisor.com, Handy.com) in SEO and CRO
  • Hiring, Recruiting, and Retaining top talent across the company and pillar under my direction
  • Ensure the high availability, performance, and security of the platforms
  • Migration and modernization of the front-end to Next.js with typescript for Domains

Senior Software Engineering Manager

Sept 2018 - Nov 2021

  • Managed multiple teams through the merger with homeadivisor.com maxing at 6 teams and ~40 direct reports
  • Established a comprehensive core expectation matrix and standard review cycle for our engineering teams (this established norms across the merging organizations)
  • Architected a backend migration path from Drupal to Contentful for unifications of CMS frameworks
  • Established roadmaps and delivery of a modernization and architecture alignment toward Scala and Java
  • Partner with other cross-functional leaders to set strategy, and priorities for near and long-term
  • Encourage and facilitate continuous learning, certifications, and training sessions to help ICs in their career projection
  • Recipient of the 2018 Angi All-Star Award

Software Engineering Manager

July 2016 - Sept 2018

  • Played a pivotal role in the HomeAdvisor merger, laying the groundwork for the inaugural integration of services between the two companies, fostering a union with the first integrated entry and contact point between joint customers and providers.
  • Engineering counterpart to Angie's List Newsroom
  • SEO development manager for a team of 8
  • Establishing trust between engineers and stakeholders in establishing timelines
  • Lead Agile ceremonies
  • support and grow senior ICs
  • Hiring, recruiting, and retaining top talent
  • Set up the pilot automation platform for the Angie's List org

Senior Software Engineer

July 2014 - Jul 2016

  • Collaboration with Product, Research, Design, and business owners to establish timelines.
  • Optimize Angieslist.com with custom Drupal modules
  • Establish an SEO platform to allow for 97 million unique indexed pages.
  • Mentoring colleges in Drupal and PHP development
  • Helping establish Drupal Meetup in Indy for active training and recruitment opportunities.

SEO Developer

Mar 2012 - July 2014

  • Drupal (PHP development), custom and open source modules
  • SEO development for Angieslist.com
  • Working with stakeholders to establish and deliver on time.
  • Direct communication and prioritizations with the CMO (Angie)
  • Multivariate and CRO testing
  • Our Team won the Mira Award for Marketing Technology Excellence and Innovation


Location (Redlands, California)

Mobile/Web Specialist

Jun 2007 - March 2012

  • Technical lead on iOS development for conference app framework (14 apps a year)
  • Front-end SEO and Marketing development to marketing of several ArcGIS applications
  • Ran Onsite and offsite User testing studies


  • 2013 Mira Award for Marketing Technology Excellence and Innovation
    Our team won the Mira award for Marketing Technology Excellence and Innovation for our work on rapid SEO growth. Learn more about the Mira awards: https://techpoint.ac-page.com/mira
  • 2018 Angi All Star Award
    I was recognized as one of five exceptional individuals across the organization for outstanding leadership and contributions to Angi, showcasing an unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations and driving success.


2007 B.A University of Redlands


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