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The Gift DB


The Gift DB began as a visionary concept, born from years of discussion and collaboration between an incredibly talented individual, Schyler Manning, and myself. With some fuel from a cutting-edge AI we are naming Franklin, some modern SEO strategies, and high-performance frontend techniques, it aims to redefine the affiliate site experience. While currently in its alpha release as of January 2024, expect numerous iterations ahead as we strive to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction. It's a great way to put into practice a few decades of combined SEO knowledge and engineering best practices.

Angie's List Through the Ages
Angie's List through he years

Angi (formerly Angieslist)

I began my journey at Angie's List in 2012, starting as an individual contributor and progressing steadily to the role of Director of Engineering. Over the years, I immersed myself in numerous projects, collaborating with diverse teams and individuals. This experience taught me a fundamental truth: the internet is ever-evolving, and therein lies the thrill of continual iterative improvements. Among the many projects, a standout endeavor was orchestrating the migration from our legacy Drupal 7 monolith which generated 80 million unique pages (using a combination of java and .Net services) to a cutting-edge microservice architecture encompassing Scala and Next.js. This ambitious initiative, aimed at achieving sub-2-second load times, underscored the value of persistence and innovation in navigating complex technological transitions.

Esri 2011
Esri in 2011


At Esri, I was part of a versatile marketing development team, where members assumed various roles, handling basic updates to advanced design and development tasks. My primary focus revolved around front-end development, and I took pride in being the technical lead in creating their iOS conference application framework. This pioneering project simplified agenda searches, scheduling, and navigation of the conference floors for the dozen conferences hosted by Esri annually worldwide.


  • 2013 Mira Award for Marketing Technology Excellence and Innovation
    Our team won the Mira award for Marketing Technology Excellence and Innovation for our work on rapid SEO growth. Learn more about the Mira awards: https://techpoint.ac-page.com/mira
  • 2018 Angi All Star Award
    I was recognized as one of five exceptional individuals across the organization for outstanding leadership and contributions to Angi, showcasing an unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations and driving success.